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Dr. Megarry and Melonie
I am so grateful to have such wonderful caretakers and a soothing environment for my patients to recover in.  I have sent Melonie and Carlos a variety of patients that have needed everything from rehabilitation for a variety of broken bones and joint surgeries to feeding tube management for patients that had drastic intestinal surgery to older patients that just need a little more TLC. Every patient has received excellent care in a comfortable home environment, away from the hustle of the hospital, but always in constant contact with our office for any changing medical needs. I have seen my patients recoveries consistently progress more rapidly with their constant care and rehabilitation. I highly recommend Melonie and Carlos not only as a veterinarian, but also as a client. Who better to watch after a vet's special needs pets!
-- Amanda Talent, DVM

A Friend of the Family allows my complicated neurological cases to recover in a home environment that promotes neurologic stimulation yet allows the patient to have the important rest it needs for as successful a recovery as possibly. From day one, a structured schedule is followed based on an individualized plan that is established from a thorough assessment of the patient by myself and an experienced, certified animal rehabilitation veterinarian. Melonie and Carlos often exceed care that a family member is able to deliver. All meals are given according to the owner's wishes, exercises and physical therapy modalities are completed by trained individuals....not to mention "fun time" (supervised outdoor relaxation in the sun and watching movies with the family). A Friend of the Family offers VESC Neurology clients peace of mind when their beloved pet needs extra support and rehabilitation to recover.
-- Scott J. Schatzberg DVM, PhD, ACIM

Dr. Megarry and Melonie

I have had the pleasure of working with both Carlos and Melanie Campo for many years. They have both worked as emergency technicians for me. I have also worked with them as caregivers to special needs animals post surgery and therapy. In my 22 years of practice I have never witnessed such dedication to client animals. Animals under their watch are given first class care and therapy. I cannot think of a better place to bring an animal for the care they offer. They are in constant contact with myself and my collegues if any animal in their care develops changing needs. They are a top notch facility with the dedication to their clients animals as the clients are to their pets.
-- Brent Megarry, DVM

Carlos and Melonie provide a unique home care environment for animals that need recovery after surgery. I've referred many cases to them and I'm always very impressed to see the animals' rapid and positive progress when they come in for their rechecks. Owners always have nothing but positives things to say about them and about their experience with their animal's home recovery. The care and dedication both of them give to each of the animals is amazing. I feel very confident sending my patients to recover with them. I would highly recommend Carlos and Melonie's services to anyone.
-- Eric Hoots, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Melonie Campo is excellent at taking care of animals. Not only does she have animal emergency training, she also has the determination and compassion needed for rehabilitation. I have seen her sweet talk down and painful animals until they felt comfortable with a treatment. Melonie is also punctual and responsible and she is there ready to work when she has a task to complete. Futhermore, she comes with a smile on her face. I feel very comfortable letting her care for my animals, no matter the situation.
-- Laura L. Hady, DVM, CCRP Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

I have the greatest pleasure of recommending Melonie to you. Melonie is a caring, attentive and wonderful veterinary technician.
      My experience with Melonie stems from out professional work together at the Veterinary Specialty Surgery and Emergency of New Mexico.
      Melonie runs an at-home rehabilitation program from her house with her husband, Carlos. Carlos is also a veterinary technician who works with me as an emergency technician, and I can also highly recommend Carlos as a veterinary technician. While I never personally visited the at-home rehabilitation program, I witnessed the improvements the dogs make while in their care. The high level of personal attention given to the dogs is nothing short of impressive. Melonie and Carlos grow to love the dogs as their own, and the dogs grow to love Melonie and Carlos. Melonie and Carlos become part of the families who use their services.
      Melonie is especially gifted with rehabilitation patients. The majority of her patients are terrified, painful, paralyzed dogs. These dogs require intensive physical therapy once every four hours while in the hospital. Most technicians zip through the dog's physical therapy and treatments. Melonie always takes extra care of these patients, providing not only physical therapy but person attention. The terrified dog would grow to enjoy their time with Melonie, if for no other reason that they enjoyed her personal attention. The dogs understand how much she cares.
-- Lea M. Cranford, DVM

Many of the patients that are discharged to Melonie's care have significant nursing needs. She is skilled with emergency care and physical therapy. I would trust my own pet to Melonie's care. That is the biggest testament to her compassion, reliability, and skill. I am a picky fellow, and I am happy to recommend her.
-- Daniel T. Dugger, DVM, Emergency and Critical Care Resident