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We were introduced to Friend of the Family Pet Care in 2014 when our dog Dusty was at the end of life. We needed to travel and the specialist that had been treating her suggested Melonie. We loved that Dusty could be in a home environment. We knew she was being taken great care of as we got daily updates and pictures to let us know how things were going. And knew she was in the hands of trained professionals We have since brought all of our dogs to stay with Friend of the Family Pet Care. They all love being there in a family home instead of the kennel. They especially love getting to interact with the kids. We live out of state now and will still find a way to take our dog to stay with Melonie when we have any extended travel. We know they will be loved and well taken care of.
   Thank you so much Melonie!
-- Scot, Paula, Dusty, Cinder and Bayleigh
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We've been dog owners all our adult lives and like everyone else are faced with "what to do?" when we have to go on vacation without the furry member of the family. When our Min Pin Snickers had to have shoulder surgery we were fortunate to encounter Melonie as a veterinary physical therapist after Snicker's surgery. On one of our therapy visits, I mentioned to Melonie that we already had a trip to Scotland planned and paid for and asked if she knew what we could do with Snickers while we were gone. Luckily that was how we found out that Melonie and Carlos provide excellent dog care in their home. Melonie could continue her shoulder therapy on Snickers while we were gone, an added bonus! That was 2 years ago and we have been taking Snickers to "camp" at Melonie and Carlos' house ever since. Snickers squeals with delight when we pull up to their house. The dogs are always supervised and are welcomed as members of the family. Snickers comes home with confidence and the benefits of a wonderful dog family social experience. Of all the dog care environments we have ever encountered, this has been the best. With both Melonie and Carlos being professional vet technicians, we can be assured that Snickers is in good hands.
-- Evelyne Taylor
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Debbie Reynolds and Stuart Dunlap

We have used "Friend of the Family" services for about 4 years now and found them to be the best solution for extended care for our 2 little dogs. Melonie and Carlos are trained Vet Techs and this gives a sense of reassurance to know that our pets are under professional care. Melonie is like a Dr. Doolittle, her rapport with the animals is like a second language. The NE Heights location is convenient, the dogs love Melonie, and we do too.
-- Debbie Reynolds & Stuart Dunlap
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It's been nearly a year since our 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Scotty, suffered the Fibrocartiligenous Embolus, (FCE) and it is wonderful to see him today.
      When we came to the hospital, we met you and Dr. Hady. We were so frightened at the thought of Scotty being paralyzed for life. After a few days in the hospital, we learned that Scotty was to be discharged to your care in your home, and weren't sure what to expect. But, what we learned was that you have an amazing gift and incredible knowledge in canine rehabilitation. With you, Scotty received his early rehab, which would have been much more difficult for us to do. You knew just what he needed, and helped him to re-learn how to walk. He came home to us able to eat and drink on his own and able to take care of his personal business outside. What a joy to have our Scotty back!
      Scotty moved in with you and you husband a paralyzed gorgeous show dog, and 5 days later, he came home to us and he was able to walk a little. We truly didn't believe what you said. We were sure that we had lost him. Your loving care and expertise brought Scotty through those terrible days.
      Now, nearly a year later, Scotty is a happy - walking dog. And while, we no longer show Scotty, we visit with him weekly at a local Assisted Living Facility here in Albuquerque. He offers his love and affection to the residents and they to him. He is truly a working dog, and he loves it!
      We cannot recommend Melonie and her rehab service for dogs highly enough. Thank you so very much, Melonie! We are so lucky to have someone of your skill and love of dogs here in Albuquerque!! I don't know what we would have done without you.
-- Walter & Libby Smith
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Sugar and I live together. We live with Sugar's mother (Cookie) and her two sisters (Peach and Butter). Most people think that these girls are pretty little cocker spaniels. THEY know they are the divas. I get to clean, cook, get the food and drive the car. It works for us. About 6 months ago Sugar developed a limp and was having some trouble moving around. A series of vet visits and tests revealed that she had some spinal arthritis and eventually a herniated disc in her back. By this time Sugar was dragging back legs and in obvious discomfort. It was so hard for me to watch this deterioration of my once lively, beautiful AKC champion and to know that she was in pain.
      It became necessary to take Sugar to the big city (over 200 miles from our home) for a surgical procedure to relieve the herniated disc. The surgery was successful but due to the distance involved, the doctor and I decided it would be best if I went home and left Sugar at the hospital for rehab. This is when Melonie came into the picture. Melonie, able to understand that my little Diva would not be happy in the hospital environment, made arrangements to take Sugar into her own home and it is this action that started Sugar on the road to recovery. Sugar was much happier in a home environment; Melonie could not have been more attentive to both Sugarís needs and mine. Needless to say I was over the top with worry and anxiety about my girl but Melonie always found the time to talk to me, answer my question, provide encouragement and send pictures of Sugar via the Internet. In addition, she gave Sugar the best possible care through proper exercise, massage and lots of love. When Sugar was returned to me after a week, she was 100% improved over the last time I was her. We owe this all to Melonie, without her constant attention and devotion to Sugarís recovery we would not be where we are today. At 10 weeks after the surgery, you would never know to look at Sugar that she ever even had an operation. Melonie has continued to help us via the telephone and has been extremely patient and gracious with me and my questions. We are glad we know her.
      Sugar and I have been together since the moment of her birth. However, I understand that she became quite taken with Carlos and always wanted to sit on his lap. I could get jealous about this but I'm so glad we know these two wonderful, caring people that I'm willing to share Sugar with the people who got her through this problem.
-- Linda, Albuquerque